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Now that all of your preparation work is done you're all set right? Wrong. Preparing the best used car for sale does no one any good if nobody knows it's up for sale. So you have to place an effective ad that will attract potential buyers to sell your car, fast.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take as many pictures of your car as possible. Look at some new car ad photos for ideas. The more eye-catching pictures from different angles the better. Make sure you include pictures that show off the best features of that car to highlight its strongest selling points. Any other features that you cannot include in the pictures or you wish to stress, be sure to mention in the ad. Think about who you are trying to sell the car to (target market) and develop your ad to catch their attention. Other valuable points worth mentioning are whether you are the only owner, if the car was in door kept or used as a second car, etc. Be sure to be concise but specific. You know your car inside and out but a potential buyer does not. Therefore, "fully loaded" takes on different meaning from person to person unless you list what features are included.

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